Week 3- Toms River, NJ

On February 3rd, 2023, at 4:35 pm, I visited Toms River, New Jersey. On this day, in NJ, the weather was 9 degrees fahrenheit with a cloudy sky and winds about 10 mph.. This picture was taken in a residential area containing houses but there is a large area of grass and a large tree in the middle of the grass. On the trim of the house, I observed a Spotted Orbweaver spider, also known as, Neoscona crucifera, hanging on its silk. This species has a wide range of colors and occasional patterns, but rusty red or golden orange is the hue it is most frequently found in, as shown in the observation picture. The huge, orb-shaped web that they create is frequently built on buildings and other man-made structures, frequently many feet above ground, particularly close to outdoor lighting.

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Araña de Cruz (Neoscona crucifera)




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This picture was taking in Toms River, New Jersey. The weather on this day was about 55 degrees F and sunny. At this time, the sun was starting to set. The area around this picture contains a large area of grass and two trees in the middle of the grass.


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