Caudal flagging in muntjaks (Muntiacus), relative to comparable bovids

Muntjaks (Cervidae: Muntiacus) occur in southern and East Asia. They are comparable with duikers (Bovidae: Cephalophus), which occur in Africa.

Muntiacus feae and

Muntiacus reevesi

Muntiacus vaginalis

However, there is a categorical difference between muntjaks and duikers, w.r.t. caudal flagging.

In muntjaks, the tail is relatively large, with white pelage on its ventral side ( and

The white extends variably around the perineum and on to the inner surface of the upper hind legs ( and

The white surface is starkly displayed by erecting the tail.

Muntiacus reevesi ( and

displayed when fleeing

displayed by infants and juveniles during suckling

Muntiacus vaginalis:

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