Carol Howard Donati

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I am a Canadian mixed media artist with a background in cultural anthropology. Walking and photographing in nature is an important part of my art practice. I am purposely local in my investigation and have a long-term project exploring the biodiversity of an urban wetland along the Ottawa River near where I live. I am particularly interested in freshwater mussels and, as a result of learning more about their life cycle, take a holistic interest in the overall river ecology that sustains them, including projects to identify fish species and underwater plants. I do this by wading and taking underwater images and video with a hand-held camera. I also photograph birds, dragonflies, pollinators, plants and fungi. I am pleased to have received Canadian Wildlife Federation certification in 2021 of my backyard as a Wildlife Friendly Habitat. Many thanks to INat Curators and participants for your willingness to answer questions and share information!

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