The Christmas Leech

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Lover of Zoology and animal Photography from Minnesota.

I enjoy all forms of Life, but Animals are my specialty in Identifications. I love to rough and tough and go outside (when the weather is good enough) to explore the natural world around me. My favorite animals are Tanaids, Bryozoans, Tunicates, Sea spiders, and Gobies, but I have seen none of these except for Bryozoans in the wild sadly. If you need any Help identifying Minnesota Freshwater fish I can help.

I'm still in normal school (by normal I mean middle/high school) but I hope to peruse a career in zoology once I get to the U of M.


NOTES: Currently I am leaving for a while, to one of my all-time favorite places to look for wildlife. So Expect some great observations in around 5 days time.

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