Berta van Rooyen

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I am not an ecologist, but is passionate about the natural and cultural heritage of this area. The natural fynbos and kloof vegetation as well the rivers and streams of the Tokai Park section of the Table Mountain National Park are just as important as the cultural history which spans the precolonial era, the Dutch East Indian Company (DEIC) era (1652-1795) and the history since then. I hold a PhD in History with the main focus on the heritage of Tokai Park. At present we are re-mapping the trees in the Tokai Arboretum. It is not only a stock taking operation of what is left after the fire of 2015, but a huge operation in removing invasive aliens which proliferated after the fire. Archival material of tree lists is compiled together with the 1989 tree list. Native and exotic species are photographed as part of the re-mapping project.

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