Jimmy Dee

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Retired from the millwright trade in 2010. Right then a chickadee took a seed from my hand. Gave up the tools and took up the camera. I was hooked. Found a local nature group. Wasn't long before they had me branching into all sorts of creatures ... dragonflies, beetles, flies, wasps, true bugs, butterflies and everything else. Odes are my passion but I'm interested in any and all nature has to offer. I've met some very nice, knowledgeable, helpful people along the way. So happy I discovered all this.

I do try to ID things for others but do make mistakes, do my best. I don't mind being corrected and do learn from mistakes. I'm no expert in anything except vibration analysis, labyrinth seals, hermaphrodite calipers turbines, generators pumps etc. But I am trying to learn this new nature trade ... its much more fun :)

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