100 observation day

My birthday is today, but yesterday, in order to be able to upload today, I decided to see how many observations I could get in a day.
Not in some type of grand, going to Olympic National Park with a 5000 dollar camera way. No, just in a "walking around my neighborhood way".
My neighborhood is a few blocks from the ocean, which does help: I have two or three different ecosystems in a half hour walk.
Anyway, just observing, for a few hours in a mile radius of my house, I easily got to over 100 observations. Some of them were common (Dandelion!), while others were less common (Striped Shore Crab!).
Anyway, if you ever want to do it, you can probably get over 100 observations in a day without having to do anything epic.

Publicado el mayo 29, 2020 07:19 MAÑANA por mnharris mnharris


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