2017. Field Goals


  1. Find 20 new Fungi species
  2. Find Amanita Muscaria


  1. Find a Spotted Turtle
  2. Find a Smooth Green Snake
  3. Find a Massasagua Rattlesnake
  4. Find a water snake species.
  5. Find a Northern Ringneck Snake
  6. Find a DeKays Brown Snake
  7. Find an Eastern Milksnake
  8. Find a Salamander in Essex County, Ontario
  9. Find a Spotted or Tiger Salamander


  1. Find a Red-headed Woodpecker
  2. Find a Snowy Owl
  3. Find one of the other Owl species locally present
  4. Find a Peregrine Falcon
  5. Find a Sandhill Crane
  6. Find a Golden Eagle
  7. Find a Trumpeter Swan and a Tundra Swan
  8. Reach 200 species total, 100 species in Essex County, Ontario, 20 species in New Hampshire, 20 species in Maine
  9. Bring "Essex--Sadler's Pond Park" hotspot to 150 species
  10. Get a good photograph of Buteo species
  11. Get a good photograph of an American Kestrel
  12. Reach 10 warbler species (currently at 7)


  13. Find 5 new spider species
  14. Find a Shamrock Orbweaver
  15. Find 5 new dragonfly species
  16. Find 10 new butterfly species


  17. Find a Moose
  18. Return to Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in NH
  19. Return to Concession Six in Harrow
  20. Return to Point Pelee
  21. Find Jack Pine
  22. Find Black Spruce
Publicado el enero 6, 2017 12:51 TARDE por marknenadov marknenadov


Looks like these are some fun goals! Best of luck! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 7 años

Ohhh nice! Good luck!

Publicado por field_daze hace más de 7 años

Thanks @field_daze and @sambiology!

Publicado por marknenadov hace más de 7 años

I need to do one of these. I don't think I'll have as many specific targets.

Publicado por vermfly hace más de 7 años

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