The results are in! Most observations and participants per resident across the prairies.

The inaugural Whiteshell June bioblitz collected 210 observations of 134 species by 5 observers. Based on population, the Whiteshell bioblitz had the most observations and most participants per resident, out of all 14 Prairies municipalities.

Three species observed during the blitz had not previously been represented in iNaturalist observations anywhere in Manitoba:

Epelis truncataria Black-banded Orange Moth was not previously represented in iNaturalist observations from Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Congratulations to @daneagw, @taylor787, @pep24 and @marykrieger for adding new species to their iNaturalist lifelists.

Thanks to @gpohl for shepherding the flock of bioblitzes across the prairies!

Next bioblitz challenge will be held September 15-18, 2022. New project can be found here.

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