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18 de noviembre de 2020

Welcome! Let's get planning!

Welcome to the project page for the NYC arm of the annual City Nature Challenge! Every year the CNC sets out to get as many people as possible out searching for nature in their cities all on the same weekend. We hope to build our connections to nature and each other and to learn about biodiversity along the way. There are lots of ways you can be involved! See below!

Note: Due to the pandemic, the 2020 CNC was changed from a friendly competition of global cities to a collaborative effort towards one shared total. We cannot at this time confidently say what conditions are going to be like in April 2021. We are going to hope for the best and start planning public events now, but they may have to change as we see what the world is like then. We will be posting updates here in the project journal.

How to Participate in the City Nature Challenge in NYC

Are you a potential partner organization? We would love to hear from you to help you organize your own City Nature Challenge events. Visit this page for more info and to register your interest - Information for Partner Organizations

Are you a Macaulay Honors College student? You can volunteer to become an iNaturalist pro for our public events and earn community service credit. Visit this page for more info and to volunteer - Information for Volunteers

Are you interested in participating on your own?  Sign up for iNaturalist now and practice making observations! Once you have an iNaturalist account, you can join this project 2021 CNC NYC iNaturalist project and look for updates posted in the Project Journal. Free public events will be posted there as they are planned.

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