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24 de agosto de 2021

Project Update

Hello everyone! First and foremost I want to welcome everyone to GO-SEA, we are very glad to have you all as a part of our team. Seeing your observations thus far has been incredible and inspiring, so thank you all for your contributions!!! I wanted to update everyone on some of the parameters of the project that weren’t very clear before. Since our primary focus is on tracking floating surface life, we do have some specific organisms that we are looking for including:

-Porpita (blue button jellies)
-Velella (by-the-wind sailors)
-Physalia (Portuguese man-o-war)
-Dosima fascicularis (buoy barnacle)
-Lepas (gooseneck barnacle)
-Janthina (violet snail)
-Glaucus (blue sea dragon)
-Floating algae and plants

(for a comprehensive list visit

The goal is to have each of you report at least one observation each time you visit the beach. Any of our desired organisms found on your walk can be reported regardless of quantity, and a note on how many you saw is always helpful as well! When none of our desired organisms are found on a walk, we ask that you pick one cool observation (species is completely up to you!) to report to the project. This negative/absence data is very important because it shows us when and where our desired organisms are not being found, but keeping this limited to one observation per beach visit will help us to keep our project from becoming overloaded. I apologize that this was not clearer earlier, and nobody needs to worry about removing previous observations!

I hope this clarifies things and if you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to reach out!

-Ari Puentes

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