New Crickets and Metaleptea brevicornis in Ontario

Over the past two years, two new crickets have been added to the provincial fauna based on observations on iNaturalist, including several from members of this group. Check out Phyllopalpus pulchellus and Hapithus saltator in the species list to see where they are being found. These observations are going to be included in a small note in the Journal of the Entomological Society of Ontario in the near future.

Also exciting, is the recent observation of Metaleptea brevicornis, a fairly distinctive species. This species has only been found previously in extreme southwestern Ontario many years ago, so it was with great excitement that it was recently located in the Port Maitland area. Check out for the recent observation. For those of you along the shores of Lake Erie, keep your eyes open for it.

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There is some question about the veracity of the record in Port Maitland - the locality is listed as "somewhere" in list view and may not actually represent an Ontario record. If anybody in the area is keeping their eyes open, please let us know!

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