Now you can contribute to iNaturalist directly from our site, too!

Since the Great Nature Project launched in 2013, observations from this project within iNaturalist have contributed to the photo stream on Now you can upload photos directly from the Great Nature Project website, and they are added to iNaturalist! We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward to working together to connect people to nature and grow our communities of nature lovers.

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Sounds great! I am a beetle specialist in Australia and am still trying to get iNaturalist to use the correct names. (Eg. iNaturalist does not accept Myriochile as a genus of tiger beetle. The name they accept is Myriochila which is a mis-spelling Freitag, 1979) Can I upload images here and be able to have the names I know are correct actually go with the image I post as well as have others able to find them?

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I have over 3500 observations and over 1400 species in my iNaturalist account and will be happy to contribute them to this project. However, adding them one by one is very cumbersome. Is there a simple way to 'add all'?

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mark-r-golding, that's great that you have an area of taxonomic expertise that you can share with the community! I'm going to make you a curator and message you with some additional information about how to edit names. Once you make the changes to the name, anyone should be able to find that group by searching for the new name (and the misspelling too I think, as long as it is retained as a synonym). Thanks for your striking contributions to the Great Nature Project so far!

ivijayanand, I don't think there is a good way at the moment to add that many observations at once, but I know the iNaturalist team is working on it. It's a topic frequently mentioned in the iNaturalist Google Group if you'd like to weigh in! I'm not sure about the timeline for that functionality, but I'll try to post back here when I find out.

In the meantime, you could add your more recent observations by going to the Great Nature Project page in iNaturalist then just above "About", click on "Add from your observations". You still have to click for each observation, but it's a little easier. No pressure to add them ALL! You're got a lot of observations! Any observations that you add directly from also get added to this project automatically. Thank you for what you've shared already!

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I've just added my observations to the project here on iNat and set up an account at The Great Nature Project.

All the "transferred" observations to The Great Nature Project have an incorrect location - wherever it came from is a total mystery as the lat-long are correct on iNat. I specifically entered Lake Jackson, Texas, USA, moved the pin a few meters to get a more precise location. All the observations now list Ross, Texas, USA (about 200+ miles NW of my location).

There appears to be no way to edit an account on The Great Nature Project to attempt to fix this. Have you any recommendations to get the correct location in The Great Nature Project? Otherwise I'll have to delete them all from this project.

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@ivijayanand - you can add up to 200 observations at once to the project. Go to your observations, go to the bottom of the page where it asks how many observations to show per page and select 200/page (the maximum allowed). Then on the top line click on "Select all". All 200 will have a check mark. Then to the right of Flickr tagger, there's an "Add to Project" selection. Click that and add to The Great Nature Project - all 200 will transfer.

You can do the same for each page you'd like to add to the project.

Certainly easier than adding one at the time!

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krancmm, I'll look into this location issue tomorrow and get back to you. Thank you for letting me know!

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krancmm, here's what's going on. When we display observations on, we use the coordinates associated with your observation in iNat. Then we pass those coordinates to, which looks for the place name nearest to or including those coordinates. This often results in displaying place names that are different than what is shown in iNat, but rest assured the coordinates remain unchanged. For some reason, GeoNames indeed says that there is a place called Ross in your county (, in addition to the Ross far away. It looks like you can delete the place in GeoNames if you think it is definitely incorrect, but I'll leave that to you since you know the area! Sorry for the confusion.

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Thanks, Carrie, for the information. That name came to Geonames from the U.S. Geographic Names Information System, but no one is this area has ever heard of a "Ross" populated place. I've deleted it on geonames and hope never to see it again!


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Good! Glad that is resolved. I expect others will find similar odd places, so I'm glad you asked.

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