Christmas Bird Count Tips: Count Week

When you join a Christmas Bird Count, you are joining a one day count with the main goal being to find as many birds as possible in a 15 mile diameter circle in one day of searching.

However, if you want to have some extra fun you can add in Count Week. Count Week is the three days preceding and the three days following the day of the count. The differences here are you are only looking for birds that no one saw on count day, and you don't tally numbers, just presence in the circle.

I like to make use of the three days prior to count day for scouting (see scouting, if I see an interesting species that isn't there on the day of the count, I've got it as a back-up. For the three days following, you can run out to grab things that you didn't see on count day.

Most of the time, I wouldn't worry about common birds that you see in count week, but I did do a CBC once where no one reported any gulls on Count day, so a Count Week Ring-billed Gull would have been welcome. So feel free to keep track of what you see during Count Week and when the compiler sends out the count summery, look for things that aren't on there that you could add.

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