Two Weeks Away!

We're two weeks away from our event. Please tell your friends and share on social media if you can! I am very excited for this... still must decide though where I will be visiting on the days of the event. I encourage all participants to map out your days if you can ahead of time. Will you visit a park? Will you be observing from your backyard? Will you be inside at work... I mean, check those windowsills for arthropod specimens!

Other things to consider, if you are planning to venture out in the field:

  • Try to go with a partner if you can, especially if where you go is secluded
  • Bring water! Stay hydrated and also if you will be in the sun, maybe bring some sunscreen.
  • I like to bring a backpack with me, as well as binoculars for birds. Things in my pack include: water, field guides, small plastic containers for temporary trapping of wildlife, small snacks, a flashlight, an extra phone mobile charger, etc.

Within the next two weeks leading to the event I will continue to post guides and helpful tips. Have a great weekend!


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