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Mojave Cottonthorn (Tetradymia stenolepis) Native, spiny, perennial, deciduous shrub that grows in Desert woodland, Creosote-bush or Saltbush scrub plant community at elevation 600--1700 m. Stems are "unevenly tomentose, becoming +- glabrous in stripes below spines. Leaf: main leaves 2--3 cm, tomentose or becoming glabrous, forming +- straight spines. Clustered leaves are 10--30 mm, +- oblanceolate, tomentose or silvery-hairy."

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Longspine Horsebrush (Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina) A.k.a. Cottonthorn or Horsebrush. Native, perennial, deciduous, spiny shrub that grows in desert scrub habitat. Stems are white-evenly tomentose. Leaves are linear to oblanceolate, persisting as stiff spines. Pale yellow flower heads grow in the axles of the spines. Fruits are densely long-white-hairy.

Jepson eFlora

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