03 de octubre de 2022

LLELA Blacklighting/Mothing event Saturday Oct. 8th 6:30 - 11 pm

Hi Everyone!
@landrygrant Landry Grant is wrapping up her UNT LLELA internship with a community blacklighting event at LLELA Saturday Oct. 8th from 6:30 - 11pm.

Enter through the main front gate. We will meet at the office/classroom/greenhouse Blackjack Trailhead. After entering through the front gate, take the first gravel driveway on your right and park in the lot.

This event will be free of charge. Please bring your water, blacklight set-ups if you have some, insect repellent, and wear-close toed shoes.

Tagging some of the 'mothlings' and other DFW iNatters (and please feel free to tag others)
@charley @bob777 @scopic @kathrynwells333 @denver @rick57 @annikaml @galactic_bug_man @oddfitz @tadamcochran @jblinde @sam_moore_ @wildcarrot @assmann @sehnature @sahi2018 @carol308 @daniel112 @cindylcobb5 @k8thegr8 @lisa281 @tfandre @cwd912nb @brentano @kimberlietx @jeannevc @paulette99 @paige51066 @shieldsscout @lulubelle @peywey @ghostburglar @jhamby @wyldvision @isaaceastland @jaquiring @jsuplick @kenttrulsson @gwaithir @inhat83 @saltyhiker @bendire44john @squaylei2000 @karen762 @donovanmoxley @miscelaineous @brandon-cash @jcat @nkowalske @efell @haleydaniels @strawberrytart @tashap @dmort @katelyn3 @apcorboy @sherlockiain @abadoo @alusk @daricrogers @techguy_does_naturephotography @bsandifer @chandlerdavis @madisong @devinpedraza @isaaceastland @gwaithir @sambiology

Hope to see you there! My cell is 940-597-5828 just in case.

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07 de mayo de 2021

Triodanis hunt and prairie walk!

Hi @texslm @kathrynwells333 @kimberlietx @itmndeborah @lulubelle @katermorgan @gwaithir @haleydaniels @kaitlynn7 @aguilita

Do you all want to go on a Triodanis hunt? I have two spots in mind, one is Barn Owl Ridge at LLELA, and the other is this little deep-sand prairie in my neighborhood that has unique findings.

Kimberlie likes the little prairie because it has T. holzingeri. Unfortunately, the Violet Blue-eyed Mary is gone dormant by now. That site has access to the upper reaches of Lewisville Lake. The only issue is parking. We'd just have to kinda spread out in the neighborhood along the streets. And...it's technically USCOE property, but there is no fence:)

I can be free the weekend of May 22nd, either Saturday or Sunday or the following weekend May 29th or 30th. We can even do both prairies if you'd like. Not sure if any of you can get on that side of LLELA very often.

My little neighborhood prairie species list is here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/paloma-creek-pollinative-prairie

Let me know your thoughts and what you would like to do. And feel free to add 'a few peeps' if I missed someone.


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