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03 de mayo de 2024

Publications and communications

This journal post is to keep track of articles and podcasts I've participated in.

Jumpstart Nature Podcast #5
"The New Naturalists" by Mary Ellen Hannibal, Fall 2019 Bay Nature
"If the Green Stuff in the California Trees Is Not Spanish Moss, What Is It?" by Cat Chang, Ask the Naturalist, Winter 2018 Bay Nature

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15 de mayo de 2024

INat Happy Hour - Eugene, OR

Hi all,

I’ll be in Eugene this week. Perfect for hosting a iNat Happy Hour this Friday 5/17 from 5:30-7:30 at

Oakshire Brewing Public House
207 Madison Street Eugene, Oregon 97402

Tagging the most recently active users for the Eugene area with at least 100 observations. Please feel free to tag people you think would be interested in the comments.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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25 de mayo de 2024

Dates for 2024 Central/Northern CA Butterfly Counts - Greater Bay Area

Please contact the coordinator noted below each count directly for more information and to sign up.

2024 Central/Northern CA Butterfly Counts - Greater Bay Area

Pinnacles National Park, 2 June
Paul Johnson, paul_johnson(at)

Mount Diablo, 3 June
Rich Kelson, rkelson(at)

Big Creek, 7 June
Mark Readdie, readdie(at)

Hastings Reservation, 8 June
Chris Tenney, Paul Johnson
tenneyx2(at), pjpolliwog(at)

Monterey, 9 June
Chris Tenney, tenneyx2(at)

Berkeley, 13 June
Paul Johnson, pjpolliwog(at)

Benicia, 14 June
Paul Johnson, paul_johnson(at)

Marin County, 15 June
Wendy Dreskin, bdreskin(at)

San Francisco, 16 June
Liam O'Brien, liammail56(at)

Point Reyes, TBD

Farther afield in Northern and Central California

Big Chico Creek, 1 June
Don Miller, DGMiller(at)

Cosumnes Preserve, 15 June
Kathy Schick, kschick2(at)

San Joaquin County, 16 June
Kathy Schick, kschick2(at)

Warner Mountains North, 22 June
Joseph Smith, foxglove1985(at)

Yuba Pass, 10 July
Paul Johnson, pjpolliwog(at)

Butterfly Valley, 11 July
Chris Tenney, tenneyx2(at)

Mt. Shasta, 13 July
Erica Harris, ericaharris79(at)

South Lake Tahoe, 21 July
Will Richardson, will(at)

Glass Mountain, 27 July
Paul McFarland, pmcfarland395(at)

Yosemite NP, 29 July
Sarah Stock, Sarah_stock(at)

White Mountains, 31 July
Paul Johnson, pjpolliwog(at)

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