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01 de marzo de 2019

February 2019 Moths

The 2019 moth season in Plainsboro, NJ, got off to an early start with a Spring Cankerworm Moth early in the month and a Gray (as yet unidentified) towards the end of the month.

The cankerworm is definitely running early; I normally get them in mid-March, though I have had them in February before. I've even seen them in December and January! That was during the very mild winter of 2011-2012, which led to a very early spring for a number of moths locally. By contrast, Smith's NJ insect list (published in 1910) says of this species, "Moths in April or May." I've seen Spring Cankerworms in the last week of March but not so far in April, never mind May.

Other moth species I've seen in past Februaries include The Half-wing, Small Phigalia, and Green Cloverworm Moth (February has a very short species list).

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