18 de junio de 2021

Plant-Focused Nature Walk

For this week's nature walk, I went to the same park as last week but decided to take a different walking path for a change of scenery. The park is quite forest-y, with lots of trees, grass, and green plants. It was difficult to find vibrant flowers, but I saw many beautiful green plants nonetheless. First, I found what I believe to be a wineberry plant, which is actually an invasive species that I was surprised to encounter many times throughout my walk. I also found a black cherry tree, which I thought was really pretty, and more duckweeds in the same stream as my previous walk. I was surprised to see that it covered most of the small stream's surface, since it was very sheltered and shaded by trees, so it didn't get much sunlight. Other plants that I observed included moss, some sort of vascular plant with thorns, and two different kinds of ferns. My most curious plant find was my last observation, which had a small thin stem and pink buds at the end. During my walk I also encountered some other organisms, like a blue dragonfly, a white butterfly, and a cute little family of geese.

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11 de junio de 2021

Fungi-Focused Nature Walk

I walked for about 30 minutes at a nearby state park. I mainly stayed on one walking trail that weaved through a forest and passed a few lakes and ponds. The more mushroom-looking fungi I found were near these bodies of water. There was also a strong smell of sulfur by the water, which I thought was interesting. I also saw a lot of common forest animals, like squirrels and deer. The wild turkey I added to my observations had a limp which was sad to see. But back to the fungi! Besides the mushrooms, I saw an additional organism that I had more trouble identifying. It was definitely a fungi, but it was broken up into three different pieces, maybe by an animal. I also observed lots of moss on the forest floor, and green algae in the water. It wasn’t hot out at all. It was a more cloudy day and it even started to drizzle by the end of my walk.

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