08 de julio de 2021

Bees and what they love

It's my first year observing anything, let alone participating in recording the one animal I've adored since I was little.

These little creature are so precious, and so gentle, you can't help but what to snuggle into their fuzz.

I am so grateful that I have gotten to watch some great seminars this year, and have my knowledge grow to a point where I feel like I may be able to help. I am also grateful for the people allowing me onto their properties to see thriving populations, and to draw inspiration for my own garden.

As far as learning goes, I am learning just how important planting native flowers in our gardens is. I have watched as bees completely ignored the cultivars and went straight to the wildflowers.

Of particular note is their love of prairie sage and fireweed. Also of note, prairie crocus. I'm hoping that more favourites become obvious as I continue to observe and I can follow their lead.

Happy spotting!

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