07 de septiembre de 2017

It Makes Sense!

I find it SO fascinating that a particular species won't pop up on iNat for months at a time, but then suddenly it comes up on the same day from multiple sources. I mean, it makes sense, considering how the natural world works. But it's so cool to see it happen in our seemingly happenstance encounters! Today's sightings of note were almost back-to-back Zoropsis spinimana spiders observed by @docricketts and @gyrrlfalcon. Awesome!

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12 de febrero de 2017

Happy International Darwin Day!

I'd like to think that if he were alive today, Charles Darwin would appreciate the brilliance that is iNaturalist and would be a frequent contributor. Cheers, all! ~Rebecca

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08 de enero de 2017

Birders Rule!

I am consistently impressed by the skill and speed of the birders on iNat! Whenever I see an orphaned bird observation, sitting sadly in "Unknown," I try to give it at least a broad ID of Birds or better. Once it gets into view of the birders, even the most distant, blurry, seemingly unrecognizable post seems to get a speedy ID. You guys are incredible!

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