Zach Portman

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"The best bee taxonomist in Minnesota"

I am a professional bee taxonomist at the University of Minnesota. My day job is literally identifying bees. I have done some work on the genus Perdita and described 9 new species in that group. I also made a mess of of the taxonomy of US Augochloropsis.

Most recently I published a checklist of the bees of Minnesota (a copy of that publication can be found here).

On iNaturalist I mostly just stick to bumblebees.

I am happy to help ID interesting bees, especially midwestern or eastern bumblebees. Feel free to tag or message me if you want me to weigh in. However, be aware that I get many messages and requests to ID things, so things sometimes get lost in the shuffle, and please don't send huge laundry lists of things to ID.

I also have some iNaturalist projects that I enjoy very much and you are welcome to join and contribute to:


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