Josh Klostermann

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I am a senior undergrad student studying Environmental Geoscience at the University of Buffalo in NY. Im interested in the ecology surrounding the American Bison. Specifically, in regards to their wallowing behavior. I am also really interested in researching the ecology of bees and wasps.

I have spent time doing fieldwork in South Dakota at Samuel L. Ordway Grassland as a plant mapping and seed collecting intern for a climate changed based grassland restoration study and in Ilinois as a long term native bee monitoring and rare bee monitoring field tech at Nachusa Grasslands. Both of these preserves had reintroduced herds of American bison and from this exposure, I began to develop questions around the role of bison disturbance on grasslands systems.

I am a bug nut turned plant nut turned charismatic megafauna nut.

I'm not an expert at anything ( yet ) so any ID's I make are part of my learning effort. I encourage corrections on any bad IDs and would grateful for pointers as to why!

Wildlife photography has been my therapy since 2017 and I am extremely grateful for the love that the land has sewn-in me through it. I am excited to share the photos of all the organisms I meet with you!

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