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Nature enthusiast located in Martin County, Florida mostly focused on native Florida plants and locating populations of locally rare species.

My mission is to observe every native vascular plant species known to occur in my county (and discover new ones along the way).

There are likely somewhere between 900 and 950 taxa. Many species not known from my county but collected in a neighboring county (or even further removed) are likely to occur in Martin County as well. On the other hand, species collected long ago in Martin County may have been extirpated since they were last observed. The list is uncertain, but I'm trying to observe as much as possible.

Current RG taxa total (as of 1/2/23): 690

Two of the areas that I frequent the most are Allapattah Flats WMA and Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Park. Both are large, diverse areas with underexplored flora. Currently working on a species inventory of Allapattah Flats.

Please help out with IDs on my recent observations:

Thank you

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