Robert LaPlante

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Native of southern New England, resident of Walton County, Florida for almost thirty years.
Florida Master Gardener, 2000.
Live a two minute walk from the Gulf of Mexico, but am now spending my time and effort to improve
acreage we own further North in Walton County.
Avid home gardener, composter, and planter of trees.
Planted over 500 containerized Longleaf Pine and 250 Bald Cypress bare root seedlings in the past six months.
Have also planted containerized wiregrass seedlings, with a goal of increasing the original Longleaf Pine/wiregrass habitat.
Experimenting with growing Arbequina Olive trees on our rural acreage.
A big fan of Callicarpa Americana!
(My recent hiatus from posting was due to CABG surgery in late September, 2020.
I'm on the mend now and back in the woods again.)

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