Spencer McIntyre

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Most pertinently previous work on seabirds from Aotearoa, especially on kororā

Also research in turloughs, offshore island and coastal habitats, and exploration as a frequent visitor to natural areas wherever I happen to be. Sharing info & research notes on Insta as well @intyrely_eco and board member/lecture host of conservation mental health organisation Lonely Conservationists.

Following & IDing
-Sphenisciformes (Penguins), especially Eudyptula (kororā) and their often-confused taxonomy (see below)
-Seabirds in general, especially Pterodroma (gadfly petrels) and Pelecanoides (kuaka)
-Platalea (Spoonbills)
-Aotearoa birds in general, but don't expect any competence in ducks!

Updating translations and species names for te reo Māori and Gaeilge using available published sources, including:

Journal post about proper identification of subspecies within kororā-little penguins (Eudyptula minor)

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