Samuel A. Schmid

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M.S. Biology - Ecology

Plant Ecologist.

PhD student at Mississippi State University

Research interests - hydrophyte ecology, aquatic invasive species, and invasion ecology

My current research is on the ecology of invasive Alternanthera philoxeroides (alligator weed) in the southeastern United States. My research includes effectiveness of biocontrol on alligator weed and climatic factors that affect alligator weed phenology.

I spend lots of time outdoors where I mostly photograph, ID, and sometimes collect and press plant specimen to deposit in the local MSU herbarium. In addition to field botany, I am also an amateur entomologist with an interest in wasps. I try my best to photograph and ID insects and sometimes collect and pin them. Recently, I have upgraded my tech from a smart phone with a hand lens to a DSLR with a closeup lens.

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