Alex Salcedo

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I was originally born in Lima, Peru but moved to the US in 1989 as a college student. I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Studies, and presently I teach Conservation Biology for the public school system in Miami. As an undergrad and grad student, I studied populations of the endangered Stock Island Tree Snail (Orthalicus reses reses) found in mainland Florida.

I have been a Conservation Biology teacher at MDCPS and an amateur nature photographer for many years now. As a nature photographer, I have collaborated in sporadic capacity with diverse individuals in various fields.

I discovered the gem that is iNaturalist back in 2017 after migrating from another online citizen Science platform, where I was a member of a few years prior. My interests lie with all taxa but closest to my heart are birds and arthropods.

Although the trials and tribulations of life sometimes interfere with how much time I give to iNaturalist, I try to remain as relevant and involved as possible.

Instagram: @axelsalc

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