Ann McKenzie

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I am a retired family physician with a lifelong passion for, and study of, natural history and biology. My husband and I are life members of The Nature Conservancy and MOU. We have been active with the Minnesota Herpetological Society, MOU, BCI, TITAG, Minnesota DNR NonGame and local groups. I give talks and write papers, both medical and biological, lead hikes and give educational animal presentations. My husband and I live on 226 acres of land above Read's Landing, Wabasha County, Minnesota. We are slowly restoring the land back to its original vegetation: goat prairie and deciduous woods. I just identified Bombus affinis on the 5-7 acre prairie around our house on the top of a bluff. It was confirmed by, the Xerces Society and BumblebeeWatch. I have been submitting photos to My husband, Jonathan Peterson is also a retired physician. He has a Masters in Botany, studied goat prairies and we both are prairie fanatics.

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