Arman Moreno

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I am an amateur naturalist from Austin, TX with a degree in Applied Sociology from Texas State University. I became interested in birding in 2007 and have devoted a large part of my free time to this endeavor. I interned as a park ranger for the National Park Service, working as an interpretive ranger at Grand Teton National Park in 2011 and Sitka (Alaska) National Historical Park in 2012, focusing my programs on the avifauna of each park.

I volunteered as a tour guide at Westcave Preserve in SW Travis County for 3 years leading guided hikes and currently volunteer for Travis Audubon as the compiler of the Rare Bird Alert, a weekly service that documents rare birds found in Central Texas for people interested in observing the species. I am the eBird Regional reviewer for Travis (Austin) and Bastrop counties and also volunteer for Texas Pelagics, an organization that leads trips deep into the Gulf of Mexico searching for pelagic birds and other wildlife.

I have recently become interested in Odes and am working on identifying the dragonflies and damselflies around my NW Austin home.

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