Brandon Corder

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Botany PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying partial mycoheterotrophy in North American orchids. As a kid growing up in Florida, orchids were my first love, but since then I've also gained a passion for mosses, parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plants, Florida endemic plants, and paleobotany. Travelling often between Florida, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Since 2020 I've been really embracing iNaturalist to a new personal level. I think it's a great tool to learn more about our surroundings and to help scientists and others make new kinds of observations on life around us. I personally use iNaturalist in my research and personal lives.

I mostly limit myself to posting wild plants, with some exceptions.

Best way to reach me is via email:

My Instagram: brandoncorder

my moss observations that need ID -- I appreciate all the help I can get as I try to catalog mosses across the US!

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