Brodie Bard

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Teen photographer located in Pittsburgh. Photographing our beautiful city and the life that hides in the noisy shadows.

Cities help people thrive, often leaving the plants and wildlife in the dust and pollution to die. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, has a vast network of thriving wildlife and nature in its many large parks, and in the urban areas themselves.

Along with Pittsburgh photography, I also love traveling and take any opportunity to reach out further than the 3 rivers. From the Bison in Yellowstone to the Gulls in Presque Isle, (although I haven't been to many places) seeing the diversity in different areas and being able to document it utilizing my camera is what keeps my love for the art and my appreciation for this great planet we live on.

Outside of photography, I love hiking, kayaking, biking, and being outside. I have an admiration for nature, especially the National Park system and the places it keeps wild.

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