Mart Hughes

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Park Ecologist at Portland Parks and Recreation 2000 to 2016. Engaged in restoration of Powell Butte habitats including invasive removal, pollinator habitat, grassland restoration, and Oregon Oak community establishment, and Oregon Ash community restoration, and upland woodland conservation. Principle investigator of the bird species diversity survey.

I am interested in the species ranges and the biological and physical forces that determine those ranges. As I travel I am recording species of interest to establish a record of those ranges with the hope that accurate coordinate information will allow for future analysis of the ecological ranges.

The Oregon Oak Range Project is an endeavor to access the ecological range of Quercus garryana. This species has a spatial range between N 50 and N 34 degrees latitude with an elevation range between sea level and 3,500 feet. The three environmental conditions that prescribe the spatial range are annual precipitation and temperature and the growing season soil water capacity.

The Pollinator Association Project is a collection of observations of invertebrates providing pollination services. The association is the added tag "Associated species with names lookup". This tag may be the best identified taxon. My additions are only for the flora in the area I know best SW British Columbia, Idaho, Western Washington, and Western Oregon.

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