Susan Crawford Tracy

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For the past 30+ years, I have maintained much of my ranch property as a protected “Plant Preserve” - dedicated to the restoration, protection, and conservation of a broad diversity of plants native to the Edwards Plateau Region of Texas. Initially guided and inspired by the late Benny J. Simpson, in the early 1990s, I began by erecting a high-fence “exclosure” around 80+ acres, to prevent predation by browsing animals; then reintroduced many appropriate species of trees and shrubs within this protected habitat --- including a number of especially desirable species Benny donated for the project.
Over the years since then, with Dorothy Mattiza and Patty Leslie Pasztor my ongoing mentors, it has been a great pleasure ---and an ongoing learning experience --- to witness the healthy, natural regeneration of many, many plants now increasingly rare in the wild: some species I'd initially introduced for restoration purposes, others I had never seen on my land prior to making it inaccessible to livestock and free-ranging deer.
My primary interests are
===Plants native to the Edwards Plateau region of Texas
===Ferns native to Texas

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