Claire Sorenson

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President Native Plant Society of Texas, Austin. Texas Master Naturalist, Balcones Canyonlands Chapter. Born in Minnesota, lived in Texas since 1993. MA in Plant Ecology, University of South Dakota. Have worked as field biologist in US and Paraguay, Environmental Education in California. It was hard to make a living in preferred profession so I retired as a Bookkeeper,Payroll, Benefits, Taxes for a local Austin company. I continued my passion for nature in my spare time planting native gardens on our 3 acre property, with an emphasis on attracting birds and pollinator species. And promoting green energy by installing 5000 gallons of water collection and solar panels to supplement electric supply. My husband and I are also passionate about reducing our use of plastic single use containers, and waste in general. And we love birding as much as plants, at home and travelling all over the US to visit nature preserves. We are members of Native Plant Society of Texas and Texas Audubon. I am attending the Texas Master Naturalist 2021 training, Balcones Canyonlands chapter. And I am leading a group of volunteers to create a NICE! Program for NPSOT Austin (Natives Instead of Cultivated Exotics).

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