Craig Hensley

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I am a life-long naturalist having grown up in Iowa and worked everywhere from Minnesota and Nebraska to my current role as a Texas Nature Trackers Biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

I am a birder, a butterflier (is that a real word?), a botany enthusiast, a chaser of dragons and damsels and just about anything else if it is in the natural world. I am a nature photographer (macro), focusing primarily on wildflowers, butterflies and Odonata. I am also a licensed bird bander with a particular interest in grassland sparrows.

For the majority of my adult life I have been an environmental educator, bringing my love and passion for the natural world to children and adults from preK to, well, a lot older. I have regularly given presentations on everything from astronomy to milkweeds and monarchs to birds and butterflies, just to name a few -- you should see all the PowerPoints I have conjured up.

Okay, enough of this -- back to the outdoors!

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