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I'm a pretty generalist biology/science nerd. I just love too many things, so I rarely stick with any particular thing for very long. There's always a million other groups to draw my attention. Having said that, I guess I'm a bit of a bio hipster. I usually find myself drawn to the unusual, neglected, feared, and the weird. The wackier it is, the better! I love parasitic plants (and parasites in general), slime molds, fungi (esp. Phallus sp! who doesn't love a nice good Phallus? Send me all your Phallus pics! hell, send me all your friends' Phallus pics too!), spiders, branchiopods, galls, diseases, microbes, and so on. I also have a fondness for hybrids. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I know much about them or am able to ID them. I am but a mere human, and my puny monkey brain is incapable of cramming that many things inside it.

I guess it might be easier to name the organisms I'm not terribly fond of- cockroaches, things that can make me suffer or die*, and humans. This isn't to say that I don't see the beauty and fascination in all of these species, but sometimes the bad just outweighs the good. The latter animal is a particularly endless source of irritation, exasperation, bafflement, dismay, and utter, unadulterated horror to me. In part, this is precisely because of the often utterly squandered potential that they have, both as individuals and as a species. I also just don't get them. At all. Here's a fun, relevant video, which apparently I can't embed, but which was apparently made back when the earth was home to only 6 billion humans:


*Humans are in this group, of course, but they deserved a special mention. Other organisms included in this group are things like chiggers, human-biting mosquitoes, human-infecting bot flies, and other micro- and macro- organisms that can cause disease.

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