Dennis Rabeling

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Hello my name is Dennis.
Scuba-Instructor, naturalist, photo & videographer of all kinds of life since I can remember.
I hope you enjoy Inaturalist as I do and wish you a lot of fun.
Hopefully we can share some great sightings.
Most of my sightings would be especially marine life.

Some info about what I'm (love) doing:

Owner of Dive-Centre: Euro-Divers Lanzarote.

For more photos you can also see or follow me on instagram:

Or search on Facebook at: Euro-Divers Lanzarote.


Worked on a local project/documentary (Secrets of the Arrecife Marina):

Local project/documentary (ZEConsciente)

My photo's are also found in several guide books/websites/etc.

Discovered a new species of Nudibranch, I would like to introduce you to the Lomanotus tias:

Discovered some new species to the Canary Islands.
The ones I like the most:

Lebetus guilleti:

Parablennius sanguinolentus:

Xaiva biguttata:

Pagurus chevreuxi:

Polychaete Worms:
Parasabella langerhansi:

Also proud to have a sea nail named after me, Gibberula dennisi:


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