Duncan Cunningham

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I have been fascinated with the natural world as far back as I can remember - from growing up in a small town on the east coast of Scotland to retiring to the Nelson area in New Zealand's wonderful South Island.

A lifetime of a variety of outdoor recreational pursuits combined with a role as science technician in the then New Zealand Wildlife Service and later in the NZ Department of Conservation's Science and Research Division has given me a rich and rewarding life. My career and outdoor recreation has taken me into many fabulous wild places from the mountains to the sea from the Kermadec Islands to the Chatham Islands to the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands and Campbell Island.

I am now combining my current favourite activities of mountain biking and hiking to access the many forests and mountain ranges around the top of the South Island. I have developed a special interest in the biota of the Nelson Mineral Belt which supports a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna with a particular interest in Exocarpos bidwillii.

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