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Amateur photographer in Port Hadlock, Washington. My primary focus is birds, but since joining iNat I have become more interested in other organisms, especially insects. I do some identifying, usually on Unknowns.

My projects:
Birds of the Port Townsend-Port Hadlock Area: A collection project for birds in the Port Townsend-Port Hadlock area, originally intended to be essentially an unobserved-species list for me.
Birds of the USA: An umbrella project for comparing species numbers between states.
Puget Sound Aquatic Organisms: A collection project for everything that lives in Puget Sound.
Woodpile Observations: A traditional project for anything living in your woodpile.
Organisms Caught in Spiderwebs: A traditional project for organisms caught in spiderwebs.

My iNat years in review: 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023

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