Herman Berteler

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My name is Herman Berteler, 1947, born in Enschede, Netherlands, living in Groesbeek, The Netherlands.
Designing gardens for the disabled and the elderly and writer of: 'Disabled and elderly in garden and horticulture: adapted gardening' (1984).
Nature enthusiast and author of books of nature on golf course 'Het Rijk van Nijmegen' (The Netherlands) - 145 ha. RIJK aan VOGELS (2015) and INSECTEN Rijk (2016).
Golfer (hcp.11). Married, 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 3 of whom are in South Africa (Cape Town-Bellville).
Nature photography as a hobby (iSpot S.A. and waarneming.nl).
Specialized in Campanula (www.campanula-campanulaceae.nl) and golf course device (www.golfbaanhandboek.nl)

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