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New on the iNat scene, Ive been lurking through my boyfriend and our family for awhile now and decided to take the plunge. General nature enthusiast with a lean towards herps, plants, and fungi, though I know very little about any of them. My family enjoys jumping spiders, birds and bugs, so thats what we find.

Hobbies outside of being outside include: horses (I run an equine rescue, and Im pretty sure my kids think I love the horses more than them some days), photography (I swear I CAN take a decent picture), herps in the pet trade, and cooking-though I dont think that counts as a hobby anymore once you have reached the title of "Mom."

I dont know much about IDing, or the types of pictures you all need to get it done, so I leave things pretty vague. Im just here to observe, have some kind of record of what I find, and maybe learn a thing or two. Happy iNaturalisting! (Is that a thing? Im making it a thing...)

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