Jane Weeden

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I love all things iNat!!

I'm the co-organizer for City Nature Challenge 2025. One of my favorite things is to encourage people to get out in nature and make some observations! But making observations is merely the gateway to a treasure trove of ecological knowledge.

After you've made observations, try to delve deeper into utilizing that data. Ever wondered how many species visit your backyard or property? Want to document the first blooms of the year? Have a new project that needs analytical justification? iNat is your new BFF.

Each observation represents a species in time and space. These observations serve as invaluable resources, informing us of species distribution and dynamics. They lend weight to our AAMN projects, provide policymakers with grounds to support our parks, and furnish scientists with insights into trends and new discoveries. Leveraging iNaturalist to enhance the efficacy of our ongoing projects just makes sense.

I urge you to visit iNaturalist.org on your computer, dive into making identifications, to hone your species-identification skills. Try creating a project on iNat for your property or current master naturalist venture. Spruce up your profile, follow an expert or your favorite nature enthusiast, and be sure to join relevant projects, like City Nature Challenge

So, what's on the horizon? I'm itching for more iNat adventures, and I'd love for you to join. There are BioBlitzes, black light events, and advanced iNat training, tons of activities waiting. Join me! Stay up to date through the newsletter and socials, participate in BioBlitzes, and keep using iNat as part of your daily routine.

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