Jessica Jones

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Research assistant at Dartmouth College - I am currently involved with the long-term acoustic monitoring of bats in and around the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Previous taxon I have research experience with include: crickets, katydids, birds, and plethodontid salamanders.

Assistant Educator at The Nature Museum in Grafton, VT - I love all things nature and science, and aspire to inspire people of all ages to experience and appreciate the natural wonders of our world.

Wife and mother of homestead in the mountains - I have grown up and lived in Vermont most my life. I love hiking, gardening, and most other outdoor adventures. I am particularly fond of riparian (rivers, streams) and other aquatic habitats (ponds, lakes, bogs). Water attracts life. And I want experience it all, and share those experiences with my husband and son.

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