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Well kinda…

It’s been a year for me here on iNaturalist, and I wanted to extend a sincere note of gratitude for all of the people involved that have helped me along my journey.

I basically came at this as a complete amateur, and I definitely had a few stumbles along the way. I picked up so much knowledge and understanding in just the first year, and it is now daunting when I consider what else there is to know. This community and platform is truly awesome. The amount of time and dedication that the contributors, identifiers, observers, etc. spend in trying to craft a better understanding of the natural world around us is truly impressive.

To that point, I came here with questions as to that same world around me. I spend a lot of time on Cougar Mountain and the surrounding hills here in Washington, and at some point I got the idea of getting a timeline of these hills to see the 'whens' and 'whats'.

I know, I know - there are a lot of junk observations here. The slime mold and mushroom observations stick out, and I apologize to those fungal fans when I don’t have the correct information to provide subsequent IDs. Same thing with the slime molds; I don’t have a microscope.

Please send a note if I offered up a bad ID.

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