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Birder 1st. 3/18/23 I received The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania's "The Bluebirder of the Year Award" - their most prestigious award, given to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding long-term commitment (not just during the past year) to the success of Bluebirds & other native cavity-nesting birds. 5/8/23 I received the "2023 Award For Sustainable Conservation By An Individual" from the Bartramian Audubon Society.

I'm the Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania's Mercer County Coordinator & Facebook Co-Admin (2022); member of the Audubon Society & (local) Bartramian Audubon Society; received a $500 Grant in 2017 for a Bluebird Trail from thebsp.org; & member of the Buhl Park Wildlife Committee, Hermitage, PA - where I started & still monitor/manage a 35-box Bluebird Trail. I also have a 10-box Trail on my property I've monitored for 19+ years which is a Certified Bird Habitat by Audubon At Home/Audubon PA. I've been watching birds all my life/seriously birding for 28 years. I've led Bird Walks at Munnell Run Farm in Mercer, PA & lead walks at Buhl Park in Hermitage, PA. I'm the Lead Bluebird monitor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Shenango Lake (Mercer County, PA). I have a degree in Wildlife & Forestry Conservation, an Associates Degree in Business Administration, an Associates Degree in Information Processing, and another Associates Degree as a Paralegal. I love: learning as much as I can, history and historical sites, and nature. I have my own Christmas Bird Count routes in Grove City & Pleasantville, PA & have done them from 2018 & continuing, & a Winter Raptor Survey route in Forest County I started in 2020. On eBird, I'm currently #1 in Mercer & Forest Counties, PA. I'm happiest in the mountains (birding & hiking). My love of birds started as a very young girl sitting on my Gram's porch watching all the colorful birds in her large Spruce. My love of nature probably started when I was a toddler in my other Gram's garden - or watching my dad germinate seeds. As of 1/16/23, I received a Certificate of Completion from Powdermill Nature Reserve for "Bird Banding-Ageing Birds Via Molt Limits".

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