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I'm currently studying Environmental Biosciences. My observing focus is on birds, but my bird observations are on ornitho(.de). On here I share mostly insect, sometimes plant or other animal observations. The pictures are often phone pics, I'm sorry for the rather bad quality.

Feel free to tag me in german/european bird observations. If I'm not responding, please tag me again in a separate comment, I probably overlooked it then.
You can also take a look at my Instagram profile, I'm posting mostly wildlife pics there (they are of better quality than most of my observations :) ).

Here are some hopefully useful tips and infos:

For field identification of birds:

Very helpful is the Collin's bird guide from Svensson et. al (also in other languages available). For me it's a must have.
There's also an app to it, which makes identification far more easy.
And here are some links:

For ringed birds:

  • EURING.org (European bird ringing coordination)
  • cr-birding.org - Color ring birding (especially helpful for ringed gulls)
  • Geese.org - mainly for ringed geese, ducks and swans

For other (bird) oberservations:

  • ornitho - detailed bird observations
    ornitho is a network with many websites (.de; .ch; .at; .lu; .pl; .it; .cat; [.es] and faune-france.org)
    you can access every website with the same account!

  • trektellen.nl - observations of migrating birds (including NocMig and Ringing Stations)
  • migraction.net - french bird migration website (also in the ornitho network)
  • ebird.org - detailed worldwide bird observations
  • observation.org - platform for everything living, but with quantities

For insect identification:

Since I'm still in quite a beginner state with insect identification, I can't provide much information yet.
If you're into Hymenoptera, you should definitely check out the list, that @robertzimmermann compiled in his profile.

List of useful apps (Play Store links):

Oh and also take a look in the help section of iNat

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