Leo Harden

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Hey! I'm Leo Harden, a Botany enthusiast and Biology student at Salt Lake Community College. I started looking for plants in 2021 without any formal training. I then became enthralled during my high school senior year. Since then, I completed my first year of college while traveling across the American Southwest during the Spring and Summer months. A few of my favorite places I've botanized include the San Rafael Swell, Mojave Desert, Anza Borrego Desert, and The Great Basin Ranges along Highway 50. Growing up near the canyons of the Wasatch Mountains, I also have a love for trees and Mycology. When I'm not in the desert, I enjoy hiking beside wet streams looking for Orchids, or across open exposed rocks in the Alpine. Focusing on plants helped me to learn more about the world around me. It has also sparked my curiosity about geology, climate, and evolution. I like weird, rare, gnarly plants!

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