Lauren Glevanik

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PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA 🌱 I study seed dispersal and community assembly in grasslands to inform restoration strategies & create resilient habitats for the future.

I'm a UC Davis alum with a B.S. in Plant Biology and minors in Professional Writing / Ecology, Evolution, & Biodiversity. I earned my California Naturalist certification through the University of California's Agriculture and Natural Resources division in 2019. On the weekends you can find me contributing data to community science programs including iNaturalist, CalFlora, eBird, and other projects via SciStarter. I also volunteer as a docent at Jepson Prairie Preserve in Dixon, CA.

More about me, my work, & my photos:
@ outdoor.naturalist on Instagram!

My photos on iNaturalist are licensed under CC-BY-NC, meaning you may share these photos non-commercially as long as you provide credit. I ask that you include © Lauren Glevanik and a link back to either my iNaturalist profile or personal website. I still like to hear where you plan on using my photos, so message me anyway! Keep in mind I often do not post my best photos to iNat, so please reach out if interested in a certain subject and I may have a better match in my personal image library. Contact me for commercial licensing.

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